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Title: Snippy and Snappy
Date of first publication: 1931
Author: Wanda Gág (1893-1946), colour added by Robert Morrow
Date first posted: 20 August 2007
Date last updated: 20 August 2007
Project Gutenberg Canada ebook #20

This 2007 colour edition was created by Robert Morrow, on the basis of Wanda Gág's original black and white edition. No changes have been made, apart from the addition of colour.

Robert Morrow has placed his changes in the public domain.

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But if you live in a country (such as Canada) where the original work is in the public domain and the original author's moral rights have come to an end, this edition, including the colour drawings, is, like the original black and white edition, in the public domain.

This ebook was produced by: Robert Morrow

Snippy and Snappy


Wanda Gág

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