The Project Gutenberg of Canada Licence

Most Project Gutenberg of Canada eBooks are in the Canadian public domain. In some other cases, Project Gutenberg of Canada has received permission to redistribute books which are under copyright. The headers of copyrighted ebooks describe their conditions of use.

You are permitted and encouraged to redistribute Project Gutenberg of Canada books free of charge. But if you live outside Canada, check your country's laws before downloading or redistributing a Project Gutenberg of Canada ebook.

You also should be aware of the following rules when using Project Gutenberg of Canada books:


Ebooks which are under copyright cannot be modified without the permission of the copyright holder.

If (except as noted below) you make changes in editions of public domain books, you cannot include the header or otherwise associate your derivative work with Project Gutenberg Canada. Note especially that you may NOT use the Project Gutenberg trademark, which is registered in the United States and internationally.

For both public domain and copyrighted books, you can make alterations which

Commercial use of the Project Gutenberg trademark

If you make commercial use of the public domain editions produced by Project Gutenberg Canada, you must either